Giuseppe R. Brera is the director of the Ambrosiana University's Milan School of Medicine. In the Italian Centered of Medical Psychology, he investigated from 1984-1992 on empathic phenomena in the doctor-patient relationship. In 1987 he theorized "Adolescentology" (Person-centered theory of adolescence) and the related new epistemology, which created a unitary approach to adolescent health, education, clinics, and human nature.

            In 1993 he presented at the first international conference on Adolescentology, with the UN participation, a new human nature hermeneutical model, "Kairology," born from the adolescence theory, and the "Universal Declaration of Youth Rights and Duties," followed by different states. In 1995, motivated by medical science and clinics' epistemological change, he founded the Ambrosiana University, dedicated to physicians' medical education, in PG courses. In 1996 he introduced a new branch of investigation, "Theoretical Medicine, " to formulate the determinate and indeterminate relativity theory of biological reactions to possibilities and quality of coping. From this theoretical change of Medicine, in 1999, he published the Person-Centered Medicine Epistemological Paradigm, changing the clinical and medical education mechanistic and deterministic approach. In 2005, he introduced a new interactionist and teleological health paradigm inspired by the person-centered revolution of basic Sciences. In 2011, WHO invited him to present Medical Education in PCM by acknowledging the Milan School of Medicine of University Ambrosiana's" pioneer's role."

On 13 October 2017, in the Congress "Medical Science and Health Paradigm Change," he started an international movement to propose adopting the Person-Centered Medicine and Person-Centered Health as Medicine and Medical Science world paradigms. On the same occasion, he presented "La Charte Mondiale de la santé- the World Health Charter."

        Prof. Brera founded the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology (WFSA) and the Italian Society of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine (SIAD). He founded four journals: "Medicine and Mind" (1984), the Italian Journal of Adolescentology, and Adolescence Medicine. (1992), "Medicine, Mind and Adolescence" (1996), the Person-Centered Medicine International Journal-online (2010). In 2019, he founded the Italian Health National Committee to spread in public health Person-Centered Medicine and its person-centered concept:" The choice of the best possibilities for being the best human person" formulated in 2011. In the same year, the World Society of Social Psychiatry elected him "Honorary fellow. Since 2019, he worked on the SARS-COV 2 pandemic, resulting in the virus allostasis theory, and the general theory of infection relativity formulation and founding "The People and Person-Centered Prevention paradigm, inspired by Person-centered Medicine for the COVID-19 shutdown.

In 2021 he formulated the Health Relativity Theory to the cognitive and affective symbolic interpretation possibility and quality of experience possibilities addressed answering to the human nature natural teleonomy for realizing the true human identity and being the best human person.

    Prof. Brera wrote the first treatise on SARS-COV and COVID-19, introducing new epistemological concepts in virology, like "Viral and antiviral allostasis,"  "The relativity theory of the SARS-COV 2 entry" into cells, and new prevention and early treatment theory: "The antiviral allostasis and preventive immunostimulation."

  He founded in 2019 in Italy the National Health Committee and in 2021 the World Health Committee to organize in the world an international movement for adopting worldwide in public health and Medical Education the person-centered paradigm change of medical science, prevention, and clinics.