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Scientific Reports of the Milan School of Medicine 2022, 1


Brera G.R- *, Violato C**

Raw data from the Italian “ EPICENTRO Istituto Superiore di Sanita’” ( October 9-November 10), depict a lethality of unvaccinated people N = 162 and n= 214 in vaccinated people with anti-SARS-COV vaccines. The type of vaccine is unspecified but presumably is mRNA.

Epidemiological elaboration of data shows in oldest people > 80 after two doses of vaccines < 6 months a significant increase of lethality risk compared with unvaccinated (OR 1.59-IC q.1.2356 to 2.0587 P=0.0003 (table 1)  and a non-significant increase of lethality in the vaccinated range 12-39: OR 1.2-CI 0.1691-8-8229 (TABLE 2)  (raw data are small).

                                                    Table 1


                                                              Table 2    

           Odds ratio


           95 % CI:   

0.1691 to 8.6229

           z statistic       


           Significance level

P = 0.8510

                    After the first dose, there is  a tendency to an increased risk of lethality in the vaccinated compared with unvaccinated in the range 60-79 close to 0,5 significance: OR 1.23 ( CI 0.5686 to 2.6962-P =0,5904)  (Table 3)

 In > 80 the lethality risk of vaccinated people is less than the full cycle of vaccination. (OR = 1.07 ,CI 0.5397 to 2.1330P = 0.8409 (Table 4)


          Table 3                 

            Odds ratio


            95 % CI:      

0.5686 to 2.6962

            z statistic


          Significance level

P = 0.5904

         Risk of the lethality of 60-79 vaccinated people after 1 dose of vaccine compared to unvaccinated                           


            Odds ratio


            95 % CI:

 0.5397 to 2.1330

            z statistic      


          Significance level

P = 0.8409

Risk of the lethality of >80 0F vaccinated people after 1 dose of vaccine compared to unvaccinated

The increased risk of mortality in>80 could be explained by a direct effect of mRNA vaccines inducing genotoxicity from the micro-RNA silencing of the innate immunity, caused by the vaccines' n1-Methil pseudouridine binding with micro RNA and immunosenescence.
Genotoxicity of mRNA and vectorial vaccines is well documented and exposes people to severe adverse effects like tumors, self immunity,psycho-neurobehavioral disorders, inhibition of natural immunity. ( 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8 )
There is also an actual incoherence between scientific data and the apparent successful general induction of lethality reduction by vaccines.
mRNA vaccines do not induce CD8+ synthesis but only activate APC to produce an IFN gamma-induced CD4-TH1 increase in local lymph nods close to the inoculation site, not joining lungs and activating residents memory cells responsible for preventing respiratory infections. Moreover, they do not induce immunity in the mucous membranes of the pharynx and upper respiratory ways because IGAs are absent. This evidence presents the political decision for the Green Pass to protect from contagion without any scientific basis. Anti-SARS COV to date available loss their efficacy in a short time because of the "Original antigenic sin". (9, 10)
The Italian population has been inundated with a pro-vax campaign by the Italian central health and regional governments supported by media-inducing vaccination and mediatic virologists. There is a pandemic of ideological and false statements, as it occurred with a vaccination campaign for adolescents and young people not at risk of COVID-19, that if rarely infected, they are asymptomatic and with a ratio of cases/fatality to zero or almost. Roberto Speranza, the Italian Health Minister, declared "The full agreement of all scientists" about the need for vaccination in all ages". Franco Locatelli, the director of the Anti SARS-COV Italian Technical, stated on August 20 the inexistence of adverse effects for adolescents to induce parents' authorization after the news of healthy adolescents' deaths after vaccination from Italy and USA and signalization of adverse effects by the USA CDC, also in contrast with health policy of countries like the UK and the WHO opposite suggestions.
There is an emergency to block the delusional idea to submit to vaccination 5-12 children and to block adolescents' and > 80 older people's vaccination. Children and adolescents are not at risk of COVID-19 . are rarely infected and almost asymptomatics, and in such a way, they contribute to realizing the "herd immunity." (11). Asymptomatic people do not transmit infection as symptomatic do. (12,13,14)
There is an urgent need for a full shift of public health policy that must be primarily addressed to older people with comorbidities at risk of lethality. 92 % of lethality  associated with COVID-19 is determined by comorbidities. Primary and secondary prevention must be established by adopting the Person-Centered Prevention paradigm inspired by the Person-Centered Medicine change of the medical science paradigm. (15, 16, 17, 18 ,19 ,20 , 21 ,22 ) This change, unknown by most public health administrators for scientific and epistemological ignorance, leads to induce a metabolic and immunostimulant shield through the institution of the "Antiviral allostasis and preventive immunostimulation" able to neutralize the Sars-Cov 2 binding to receptors, entry, replication, and to induce cross-prevention against non-communicable diseases like cancer. (23, 24)


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* Milan School of Medcine, World Health Committee, Comitato Sanitario Nazionale
** School of Medicine of the Minnaeapolis University, Scuola Medica di Milano,World Health Committee,Comitato Sanitario Mazionale